Discography (chronological order)

Local Lingo
Euonymus (CD), 2007
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Invite the Spirit 1983
Tzadik (CD release of LP), 2007
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Invite the Spirit 2006
Tzadik (CD), 2006
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The Urban Archaeology
The Far East Side Band
VICTO (CD), 1996

The Caverns
Far East Side Band
New World Records 80458 (CD), 1994

Inori À Prostituta Sagrada
Jocy de Oliveira
CD released by RER, England and Spectra, Brazil, 1993

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Virgin America CDVUS 14 (CD), 1990

Arranged by Genji Sawai and Bill Laswell.
Produced by Material and Genji Sawai.
Agharta (canyon), c28y0066 (LP), 1984

Invite the Spirit 1983
Celluloid Records (LP), 1984
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Mister Heartbreak
Laurie Anderson
Warner Bros Records 25077 (LP), 1984

Le Kayagum de Park Sang Won
Sono Disc in Pris, 1979
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